1. Hey ya’ll Haaay! I’ll be set up with @wkdwarriortx, come by & shop my handmade gems, stones & bones or just browse around, so many good artists will be at THE VORTEX


  2. I’ve been putting my #metalsmith skills to the test. If you don’t already follow @wkdwarriortx to see some of my creations and shop for your soul


  3. Having a virtual garage sale on EBay… Vintage boots and this junk drawer lot www.ebay.com/usr/monikapolitan


  4. Picked up some necessities from the market at The Vortex off Manor, in ATx. I’ll be there with @wkdwarriortx April 5th selling some stones and bones


  5. Been getting crafty for @wkdwarriortx! Follow them and buy some of my stuff ;)


  6. Poni life


  7. Our current movie #inspiration


  8. "…& that’s a lot." Handmade, self thought cards coming soon


  9. Made this for @wkdwarriortx’s Moon & Mountain Series. Couldn’t resist wearing it today #amethyst


  10. Re-gram from @wkdwarriortx


  11. Attempt #2! This one is princess sized. Follow @wkdwarriortx to buy my handmade crowns


  12. Wearing @wkdwarriortx